PP Kitty Cat’s PooPoo Doggie Bags

Conscientious dog owners often feel conflicted about traditional dog poop bags made of materials that are harmful to the environment – poor souls.

Maybe you’re wondering what’s worse, removing waste by introducing more waste, or letting nature take its course in a swift and subtle manner, underneath a leaf and safe from errant footing – oh crap!

With the recent introduction of her disintegrating poopoo baggies, PP Kitty Cat is helping you worry less about what you don’t do so you’ll feel better about what you doo-doo.

PP Kitty Cat is committed to helping you carry out your dog-given doodie. For that fecal matter, her newly announced line of poopoo doggie bags come in standard sac-style, designed to defecation specification, and a ding dong extra dung Grab and Go style with built-in handles for yard-wide blowouts. Now they’re here, now they’re gone – what!?

Number one in number two, PP Kitty Cat’s disintegrating poopoo doggie bags are strong, leak-proof, and easy to separate for quick and convenient excrement cocoonment. For a while…

Buy PP Kitty’s poopoo bag dispensers to prevent unexpected unspooling so you can concentrate on your business while your pup takes care of theirs. Waste not want not, and what not.

With the addition of disintegrating poopoo bags to her line of pet products, PP Kitty Cat is helping you navigate your dog’s relationship to their environment so you can keep it all clean from end to end. Who cares where it goes from there.

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