Agnes Bitters Has a Few Things Bottled-Up

For anyone who's been chewed up, spat out, trampled over and pissed upon by self-absorbed small business owners looking to exploit today's gig economy, this one's for you: SPIT UPON, PATRONIZED AND GHOSTED - MY DESCENT INTO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING HELL.   Thank you, Agnes Bitters, for having the courage to tell it like it... Continue Reading →

The Asshole’s Checklist

Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by assholes. Sandwiched between them even. Perhaps that's my lot in life. Maybe it's my destiny. But I refuse to just sit around, and do nothing. Here's the Poop Regardless of the degree of dysfunctional indoctrination one may have suffered at the hands of utterly incompetent authority figures (parents,... Continue Reading →

Honeysuckle Gods

Earlier today I headed out to my favourite cafe in search of chocolatey croissants and a higher order of coffee. Instead of taking the regular 10th Avenue route, I walked up 11th. With its canopy of billowing trees and row upon row of perfectly manicured yards, 11th Ave makes for peaceful reflection. It’s quieter back... Continue Reading →

Merciless Beauty

The upside to being pummelled by the flu when you’re closing in on 53 is that it gives you the opportunity to see what you’ll look like when you’re 80. This is called a “Life Hack.” A Life Hack is a 21st Century term that means you’ve been using tools like mirrors, all wrong. Welcome... Continue Reading →

Ill Prepared for Life or Death

Anyone who's ever owned a pet knows that when they pass there's no moving beyond, or turning the page, or putting it all behind you. There's none of that. Instead, the challenge is in getting unstuck. It's in finding a way to exist in neutral with a heart so swollen with grief it's almost impossible... Continue Reading →

Nebulous Ties

Like any close-knit community, Point Grey is home to a few friendly cliques. You've got your super warrior cyclist crowd who push themselves to their limits every weekend and then gather outside the local Starbucks to leak sweat; the morning coffee ladies who sit and sip at Bean Around the World's window counter while exchanging... Continue Reading →

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