No Dress Rehearsal

Here is an account of how George met up with Nala and me today in the forest, alone and away from everyone. In truth I was scheduled to meet up with his ex-wife, but she'd texted me at the last minute to say she was too sad – too scattered – and could we do... Continue Reading →

PP Kitty Cat’s PooPoo Doggie Bags

Conscientious dog owners often feel conflicted about traditional dog poo bags made of materials that are harmful to the environment - poor souls. Maybe you've deliberated over the removal of waste by introducing more waste versus nature taking its course so that a quick kick of dirt will shield passers-by from regrettable footing - oh... Continue Reading →

Honeysuckle Gods

Earlier that day I'd headed out to my favourite cafe in search of chocolatey croissants and a higher order of coffee. Instead of taking the main road up 10th Avenue, I took 11th. With its canopy of trees and row upon row of perfectly manicured yards, 11th Ave makes for peaceful reflection. It’s quieter back... Continue Reading →

Nomadland Could Use A Little Minari

Minari and Nomadland are two movies currently earning all kinds of praise and pre-award season accolades that triggered in me diametrically opposing feelings. I hated Nomadland (only lasted 20 minutes before shutting it off), and I loved Minari (sat there staring into the closing credits just thinking about it all.) The movies share a similar... Continue Reading →

The Egg Of Perdition

Watching Master Chef and doing my best to hold back the tears. Such a touching moment in history. And I mean all of history, including the beginning of time (as opposed to just a moment in history, or some obscure event in the middle of time.) Becky poached an egg, and she looked worried. "What's... Continue Reading →

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