Earth Woman

For someone who regularly spouts off about the perils of social media and how much I hate the digital era, I sure spend a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram. And for all of social media’s ‘cons’ (I use that word loosely) it does have its pros (again, translate as inclined.) As a confirmed... Continue Reading →

Flirting With the Dark Side

Many people bemoan Donald Trump for changing the face of politics in the US, but I've always felt Sarah Palin deserved credit for that. It was Palin’s explosive debut and ensuing rhetoric that turned poor McCain's 2008 campaign into a race for the bottom and allowed all the neofascist wackos to leach from the woodwork.... Continue Reading →

Rx – Has A Certain Symmetry To It

It was the end of a long, long, very long day of writing and my brain felt like oatmeal. Ok, lol, that was a joke. My brain felt like shit. Far too often I wake up worried I might have suffered a series of small strokes during the night that wouldn’t necessarily reveel themselves in... Continue Reading →

Of Faith and Lavender Gods

Earlier that day I'd headed to Point Grey Village for chocolatey croissants and a higher order of coffee. Instead of walking up 10th, the main road, I chose 11th. With its canopy of billowing evergreens and row upon row of perfectly manicured yards, 11th offers a peaceful, prettier stroll. Four blocks up that street and... Continue Reading →

Nomadland Could Use A Little Minari

Minari and Nomadland are two movies currently earning all kinds of praise and pre-award season accolades that triggered in me diametrically opposing feelings. I hated Nomadland (only lasted 20 minutes before shutting it off), and I loved Minari (sat there staring into the closing credits just thinking about it all.) The movies share a similar... Continue Reading →

The Egg Of Perdition

Watching Master Chef and doing my best to hold back the tears. Such a touching moment in history. And I mean all of history, including the beginning of time (as opposed to just a moment in history, or some obscure event in the middle of time.) Becky poached an egg, and she looked worried. "What's... Continue Reading →

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