Laughing It up With Charlie Demers

“Okay, here's one I'd like to do: Whereas it is a naturally-evolved trait that can spur hard work and creativity, be it resolved that anxiety is a good thing. And then I'd argue against that.” ~ Charles Demers commenting on CBC's The Debaters for SCENE Online, Winnipeg, 2013 A crowd of 400 fans erupt into waves of... Continue Reading →

The Rogue Volunteer

St. Paul’s Hospital, located in downtown Vancouver, B.C., recently announced the launch of  “Angels Cradle”,  a program that allows impoverished Moms who are unable to provide for their newborns the opportunity to drop them off at the hospital - for good -  no questions asked.The objective of this program is to negate a sad trend in... Continue Reading →

Namaste That!

I don’t know about your neighbourhood, but here in Vancouver, the vibe is pretty chill. Chill Winston, if you know what I mean, enhanced with copious amounts of Patchouli and a whole new generation of hippy-esque truth seekers. So it’s no wonder that the area has seen a gradual resurgence of a certain centuries-old practice,... Continue Reading →

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