Laughing It up With Charlie Demers

“Okay, here's one I'd like to do: Whereas it is a naturally-evolved trait that can spur hard work and creativity, be it resolved that anxiety is a good thing. And then I'd argue against that.” ~ Charles Demers commenting on CBC's The Debaters for SCENE Online, Winnipeg, 2013 A crowd of 400 fans erupt into waves of... Continue Reading →

Eat, Or Be Eaten

I'm curious about the reactions ordinary people have to being trapped in extraordinary situations. Events that, although not catastrophic, register beyond the scope of our experiences, and our basic grasp of the social contract.It's probably safe to predict that when met with the unexpected, people automatically default to a right or left brain response –... Continue Reading →

The Rogue Volunteer

St. Paul’s Hospital, located in downtown Vancouver, B.C., recently announced the launch of  “Angels Cradle”,  a program that allows impoverished Moms who are unable to provide for their newborns the opportunity to drop them off at the hospital - for good -  no questions asked.The objective of this program is to negate a sad trend in... Continue Reading →

Namaste That!

I don’t know about your neighbourhood, but here in Vancouver, the vibe is pretty chill. Chill Winston, if you know what I mean, enhanced with copious amounts of Patchouli and a whole new generation of hippy-esque truth seekers. So it’s no wonder that the area has seen a gradual resurgence of a certain centuries-old practice,... Continue Reading →

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